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Construction Supervision & Start-up Services

I & C Systems Engineering (ICS) has many years of experience commissioning control systems. Our engineers can provide Construction Supervision / Start-up Services including:
  • Project shutdown planning
  • Scheduling electrical and instrument construction manpower requirements
  • Supervising electrical and instrument construction including monitoring for NEC compliance and project specification adherence
  • Electrical and instrument device commissioning
  • Control loop tuning and system optimization

Many of our clients have benefited by utilizing our expertise in the construction and start-up phase of their projects. Efficient and timely start-ups certainly are means to justify the cost of having our experienced team involved in your project as well.

Industries which we have provided these services to include the following:
  • Pulp and Paper
    • Paper Machine Rebuilds
    • Coater Controls
    • Winder/Unwind Controls
    • Coating Make-up Controls
  • Plastics Industry
    • Laminate conveying/build-up automation
    • Polyester Reactor Controls
  • Health Care Facilities
    • Infant Security
    • Door Access Control
    • Laundry Automation
  • Power Generation
    • Boiler Controls
    • Governor Controls
  • Water/Wastewater
    • Chlorination
    • EPA Reporting
    • Automating Pump Stations
    • Telemetry

Key Benefits:

  • Efficient and timely startups
  • Many years of experience commissioning control systems

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